Positive Psychology Certification

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positive psychology certification

If you’re interested in a career in positive psychology, there are many different avenues you can take. The MAPP certification program, for example, requires a graduate level of investment and extensive time. It costs $60k US. On the other hand, the Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology (CAPP) requires only a few hours a week. A CAPP is the least expensive route and may cost less than $5k US.

Via Institute on Character

A VIA Institute on Character certification is a valuable addition to your resume. This training teaches the latest science in the field of character strengths and how to distill it into actionable nuggets for clients. VIA’s education director, Dr. Ryan Niemiec, teaches the course. He also provides case studies and interviews with VIA’s certified character strengths experts. These are just a few of the many benefits of earning a VIA Institute on Character certification.

The VIA Institute on Character is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the science of character strengths and developing practical tools to measure them. It has administered over 15 million surveys and the number is continuing to grow. Character strengths are a young science, but it has an extensive scientific foundation and is increasingly used by practitioners. The VIA Certification in Character Strengths bridges this gap between science and practice. Its online courses help practitioners to understand their clients and build on their clients’ character strengths.

University of Pennsylvania

The University of Pennsylvania offers many options for pursuing your positive psychology certification. Whether you’re an aspiring lifelong learner or professional seeking to make a positive impact in your workplace, Penn’s positive psychology program can meet your needs. The program is taught by renowned faculty with a proven track record in the field. You can earn your certification without living in Philadelphia, and you can even audit the course at no cost.

To earn your certification, you must complete ten 90-minute live video sessions and an online specialization project. The program also requires completion of the VIA Character Strengths Classification and asks you to identify your five signature strengths. If you’re interested in pursuing your certification, don’t wait – enroll today and take control of your life! By becoming certified, you’ll be able to help others in their quest for happiness, well-being, and fulfillment.

Flourishing Center

The Flourishing Center positive psychology certification program teaches the science of flourishing in individuals, organizations, and communities. The course covers 45 topics and is based on the PERMA module, or “Personal Development and Well-Being.” The program includes a free Introductory Master Class on positive psychology. The program is flexible and allows participants to learn at their own pace. Participants report a dramatic improvement in their life satisfaction levels.

CAPP training is ideal for anyone looking to make a difference in the world. It is a specialized program designed for health practitioners, social entrepreneurs, and HR professionals. It allows students to learn from the comfort of their home or office. Profit from the Positive certification program, based on the research of Margaret H. Greenberg, offers a comprehensive training in positive psychology. CAPP graduates improve productivity, teamwork, and personal well-being.

Applied Positive Psychology Coaching

If you are interested in becoming an APPP coach, you may be wondering how to get started. Fortunately, APPC training is available from the Institute of Positive Psychology Coaching. The program consists of 132 credit hours, and you can take advantage of online, distance learning, and lessons from top professionals in the field. There is no commencement date, so you can start at any time and pay in instalments of $583 USD.

During Module 2, you will learn about research methods and positive psychology theory. You will then implement an intervention that utilizes positive psychology principles to enhance client satisfaction. The project will require 1:1 supervision, and will be presented to your supervisor and peers during monthly group supervision calls. The project must be completed within six months to complete the program. Once completed, you’ll be awarded the APPP coaching certification. But there’s more. What’s the process?