Understanding the 4 Main Types of Propellant Tank Sensor and Their Uses

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There are many different reasons to purchase a propane tank sensor. A propane tank sensor is an essential tool to have in any business that utilizes a propane tank. An issue can occur that causes the tank to overheat or leak. This is often very easy to track down the reason for and repair. It is important to know how to read a propane tank’s gauge since many of these problems can be easily corrected.

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The LPG Tank Gauge is able to cater to a wide variety of LP Tanks and offer you up to date accurate readings. Most importantly, however, the LPG Gauge helps alert you to potential leaks. Tank Gauges special “blue tooth” sensors accurately measure your Tanks currentLP level and convey this data to you through the use of your optional remote or via the use of any modern device equipped with Blue tooth. The modern devices which can do this include BlueTooth, Colorado, Heil, iCPU, Hydroxy, and IntelliView.

The most popular and effective tank gauge used these days is the Colorado Tank Gauge. They come in two versions, the Tankless and the Thermostatic. The first version uses a thermoelectric reading and a digital LED indicator. Both versions will alert you to potential leaks. Thermostatic tankless propane tank sensor however is a bit more advanced then the first version, using a dual-axis magnetometer, temperature probe, and solenoid.

The third version of the tank gauge is the IntelliView. This is equipped with a nine volt battery, an IntelliSense feature, the Saturation Gauge, and two color indicators. The tank app of this device is very easy, as it has an LCD screen that can be used for showing visual examples of readings as well as other functions. This is a modern propane tank sensor with all the modern features and efficiency of its competitors.

The fourth in line of detection of leaks is the LP Tank Gauge. The first thing that should be noticed about this gauge is that it has an inbuilt safety switch. This safety switch is intended to protect the user by closing off the electrical connection once an abnormal gauge reading has been detected. The second indication that this gauge has is a timer function. It also shows you the storage capacity of your propane tank.

A few other important characteristics of a reliable tank gauge are the accuracy and durability of the gauge itself. A reliable gauge can have the ability to detect the exact amount of propane that is stored in your tanks. The gauge can also come with a leak detection feature. This is particularly useful if you only use your propane tanks for short trips, because you wouldn’t want to have an unnecessary leakage.

The last in line for detecting leaks is the one piece pressure monitor from Honeywell. This is a small device that is designed to be placed just one piece into the tank of any type of propane tank. This will read out the pressure level inside of the container. This device uses analog circuitry and is very accurate. One piece mini pressure monitors can sometimes be purchased with a warranty of one year or less.

This is the list of the top four manufacturers when it comes to a reliable and accurate one piece pressure tank sensor. You should not have any problems finding this type of leak detector in your local hardware store. You can choose between minis, single and multi-piece. You can find these products at most places that sell plumbing supplies. The internet is also a great resource for looking for replacement parts for all of your appliances, so it may also be worth your while to look online as well.