Permanent Makeup – Microblading

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Microblading, or hairline and eyebrow enhancement, is a popular procedure in Kelowna, British Columbia. Lori Blasetti, a certified make-up artist and esthetician, has been practicing permanent makeup Kelowna for 15 years. In this article, she will share her experience with Microblading, one of the hottest cosmetic procedures in Kelowna. After reading this article, you may be interested in Microblading, too.

Microblading is a popular procedure in Kelowna

The microblading process involves implanting pigment under the skin using tiny needles. Microblading creates natural-looking hair strokes to make you look fresh and beautiful. Microblading is ideal for busy women who want to simplify their makeup routine. It can also help those with sensitive skin and allergies who are unsure of how long their new tattoos will last. If you’re considering Microblading as a permanent makeup treatment, consult your doctor before scheduling your appointment.

In Kelowna, the cost of Microblading varies depending on the procedure and the provider. Make sure to choose a provider who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS). AACS-accredited providers have more training and credibility than those without. You can ask for references as well as ask to see examples of previous work. A provider with accreditation in microblading is likely to have the best skills and experience.

Cori Blasetti has a passion for permanent makeup

If you’re considering a permanent makeover, Kelowna’s LipSkin Permanent Cosmetics can help. Located in the Merle Norman shopping centre at 1965 Harvey Avenue, LipSkin offers a range of treatments, from Classic Lash to Volume Lash, to dermaplaning. Cori Blasetti is a certified aesthetician and master instructor who is passionate about the field. You can learn more about the services offered at her Kelowna studio, or you can book an appointment with Cori.